gpmdp-np is a small application written in Go that exports data from the GPMDP WebSocket API to a text file.


GitHub / Sample Instance

followerbridge is a tool to integrate your followers with your Discord guild, offering them a role when linking their accounts.

followerbridge is written in Python with Flask.



shardfinder is a tool to find discord servers on a given shard.

shardfinder is written in Python with Flask and vuejs.



I am an active contributor for the Discord API Wrapper Discord.Net.

Aside from my work on the core Discord.Net project, I am also the developer of many addon packages for Discord.Net, which can be found on my GitHub.

Strife 3.0-alpha

Project Page

Strife is a custom implementation of the Discord client, written in C#/WPF, utilizing the Discord API. The primary goals of this project are to build a more lightweight version of the Discord client, and to attract users who are more familiar with an IRC-style GUI.