please, i am begging you,

stop making discord bots.

case study: music bots

A simple search for “make music bot” in the Discord API guild returns an oustanding 617 results.

music boy

While a good number of these questions are a type of “advanced shitpost”, many of them come from legitimate users who want to develop a music bot.

And while there is no shame in wanting a cool bot that can play music for you and the homies, stop putting them online. Stop making them yourself. There’s a number of good, open source, freely available and very cool music bots that you can host.

* i am not endorsing any of these bots (except rhino) i just went on github and typed in ‘music bot’ maybe you should do the same

Self-hosting is the only worthwhile option for a music bot. Using some idiot’s poorly coded aggolmeration of garbage slapped on top of LavaPlayer that you found on a Discord bot list because “shit wow this is a cool bot it can dab or “wow this helps me feel good about my addiction to animated japanese women i finally have someone to relate to :)” is no excuse, and you’re just enabling the hundreds of incapable children who really don’t have the knowledge or infrastructure to support a public music bot.

Just because a few talented people can pull of a thousand-guild bot using nothing but some free servers and a talent in marketing to children does not mean that you can.

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~ foxbot